Jag är så glad att jag är svensk


Hårt arbete lönar sig. Så här skrev Jamie Meyer på Facebook för några dagar sen:

After 624 days, 15 roundtrips to Nashville TN, countless people telling me "No" and even someone once told me in a diner:), "You will never get signed here because you are not from Alabama" (No offense Alabama)…I’ve sometimes wondered if it’s all worth it? However, this part of my life, this little partright here…This is called:
✔️Signing A Publishing Deal

Så här skrev Music Row:

Jamie Meyer has signed an exclusive songwriter agreement with Swedish-based Roasting House Music AB and Nashville-based Dan Hodges Music LLC.

Anders “Theo” Theander, owner at Roasting House Music AB, welcomes Meyer to the co-venture, “I’m very proud to make this happen for Jamie. He really deserves this on all levels and we have put together a network of great music industry people including ‘my man on ground’ and great friend, Dan Hodges. We share the belief that a successful career in this industry is not only a job, but a way of life.”

Jamie Meyer is currently living, performing and writing in Nashville.

Fast ni får scrolla ned en bit för att läsa originalet.

Härligt med en landsman som lyckas och visar att hårt arbete betalar sig.

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