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april 29, 2015

Ett oväntat möte

You can find adventure anywhere. For weeks, I’ve been passing this old Silver Eagle bus sitting in a field near a house and lake. I’ve always said that I’m gonna stop sometime. Sometime came last night. Started talking to the guy who was there and he was telling me this history of his dad’s bus. He told me how they ordered it new back in 1976, and went all over the country in it. I asked if his dad was an entertainer and he said he was. I asked if it was anyone I would know… "Stonewall Jackson". Yeah, I imagine I would know him! Then Stonewall pulled up shortly in his Cadillac and I got to visit with him… One of our remaining Opry legends. I’m glad I finally stopped to ask about the bus.

Min kompis Dale Houston, countrysångare, bilsamlare, försäljare, med mera, var ute och tittade på ett intressant objekt. Och för att uttrycka det milt: Han fick mer än vad han bad om och i detta fall är det positivt.

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