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Fick ett mail som jag publicerar rakt av:

Hej Jonas.

I torsdagsnatt blev svenska countryartisten Hicks nominerad på Independent Music Network Country Awards i USA.

Hicks blev nominerade i direktsändining från Los Angeles och Nashville i kategorin "Favorite Country Group/Duo" http://independentmusicnetwork.com/country_nominations.html








Maurice Hope, RocknReel magazine, UK Hicks may be from Sweden but you would never have thought it. So strong and punchy is the country music sound of Hicks. Who is to say Hicks isn’t able to give his American cousins a run for their money such is the great passion show he sings about.

Stuart Cameron, CMR Nashville Radio, UK The production is so tight on this song – absolutely love this kind of country rock and it is a pleasure to play Hicks on the radio. I really believe he can become a huge country star and being from Sweden he can stand out from the rest and use this as a big positive.

Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM, Belgium Swedish country at its best.

Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France Fantastic song 10 Yes.

Tom Lambert, Variety Radio, Ireland Outstanding 10.

Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK Really pleasing to hear this hard driving Country / Rock song form Sweden, where Country Music is very popular it will certainly put him on the British and European country music charts. Just great all round hit song.

Kurt Gabriel, Radio Theben, Austria Excellent done song.

Adrian Clark, Country Music News International, UK All the right ingredients for modern day music row.

John Morris, Trust AM Radio, UK More from this guy – he is awesome

Alan Shephard, Country Dreams show, US Syndicated – Hicks is from Sweden? You’re talking about a town in Alabama right? Can’t wait to hear what comes next!

Veronica Capaldi, WHCR Radio, UK This is very good

Barry Dixon, Now Dig This magazine, UK Should do very well

Graham Lees, Creative FM, UK Very impressed

Herbert Fischer, Midtfjord Radio, Denmark This is good

Erwin Schapendonk, Centraal FM, Holland Maybe a little too rocky for some but I love it

Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, Germany Fantastic new talent

Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK Very Good foot tapping song – well done

Alex Pijnen, Zuidwest Radio, Holland Excellent 10

Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance magazine, UK Loved it

Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania Good Country rock

Eric Montfort, Radio 101, Malta Good authentic country rock surprisingly from Sweden

Jean-Claude Michelon, Radio Grogne, France Loved the video

Lucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, Belgium Great debut – more please from Hicks 10

Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland Nice rocky country

Även om jag föredrar något traditionellare country tycker jag att den gode Miqael gör väldigt bra ifrån sig inom den lite rockigare undergenren. Och framför allt gillar jag när någon törs gå sin egen väg: http://www.hickscountry.com/#!

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